Misty River Releases Music Video for ‘Walk Me To The River’

Misty River Releases New Single 'Walk Me To The River'

A big day (July 2) for UK Americana singer Misty River as she releases a new single, a music video, AND announces an upcoming album; and we couldn’t be more pleased.


“Walk Me To The River,” as well as the official music video for the song, was released July 2. Timeless and memorable, the single tackles the theme of overcoming adversity. 

Fans can expect River’s full length album, Promises, to be released on October 1. 

Promises Track List:

1. Promises
2. Walk Me To The River
3. Running On Empty
4. Wishing On The Wrong Star
5. Rain
6. With You Around
7. Four Walls
8. Take This Dance

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