Jett Holden Tells Story Behind His Journey To His Debut Single

Jett Holden Releases Debut Single "Taxidermy"

A few we weeks ago, we introduced you all to an artist we were over the moon excited about, Jett Holden. Today, just a short time later, Jett has released his debut single, “Taxidermy”, which we are excited to share with you. We spoke with Jett about the journey to “Taxidermy” and also dove into what the song means. Our interview, conducted by Holly G, is below. 

Holly G interviews Jett Holden

"Taxidermy" is out now on Spotify and Apple Music, Listen below.

Taxidermy Lyrics

I’ll believe that my life matters to you
When I’m more than taxidermy for your Facebook wall
They say the best songs are three chords and the truth
Until that truth requires you to heed the call


I’m not a martyr
I’m not a headline for your morning news report
Or a political debate you can retort
I’m a man who had some dreams that got cut short
A casualty among far too many to sort
But they’ll argue I deserved it in the courts
And the mission will get tough, so you’ll abort
And leave me a mangled mess that they’ll distort
Until I’m nothing more
Than taxidermy on your Facebook wall
Taxidermy on your Facebook wall


I’ll believe that my life matters to you
When the bible’s not a tool you use to crucify
They say the best songs are three chords and the truth
Until that truth and your belief systems don’t quite align


I was a believer
Until the blade became my only sanctuary
And led me to the unmarked grave where I was buried
With the truth you were too cowardly to hear
When you were deafened by your Xenophobic fears
So don’t tell that you’re sorry when I’m gone
When you could have tried to help me soldier on
Its a shame a body lying on the floor
Could result in nothing more
Than taxidermy for Facebook wall


You are
far too bright a soul to extinguish
So hold on, hold on because you have
A power far too strong to relinquish
So hold on, hold on
Because you are
Too bright a soul to extinguish
So hold on, hold on because you have
A power far too strong to relinquish
So hold on, hold on, hold on

Wake Up Kids, We Got The Dreamer’s Disease

This is an open letter to you, the reason why Black Opry exists. You are doing your best to exist in a space where you’re being told you shouldn’t. You’re makin or lovin or writin about music that’s country or something close to it and you’re still trying to figure out how to fit.


“First we run and then we laugh til’ we cry.”


There is so much work to be done. Every room in this Home needs building, every outside needs sprucing up, every place we visit needs redecorating. But we are doing the work. So many people are coming together and we are off to a hell of a start. There’ll be quite a long time until we can say we’re done, but one day soon we’ll be able to rest. We’ll get the chance to come together in love and enjoy how far we’ve come.


“When the night is falling, you can’t find the light. You feel your dreams are dying, hold tight. You got the music in you.”


Keep going, we’re right by your side, dreaming with you. Here’s a place you can call home and a community to keep you lifted.  Whatever drew you to the music still lives within you and we are here to help you keep that alive. All around us dreams are realizing, love is growing, magic is happening.


“One dance left, this world is gonna pull through.”

Images via Brittney Spencer, Twitter

Last week we saw Brittney Spencer make her Opry debut. What better fuel could we need to keep going? This was such a huge win for Brittney and for anybody that is watching and wondering if this world will give them the space they deserve. 


“Don’t give up, you’ve got the music in you.”

You’ve Never Heard The Spice Girls Like This

Recently, we introduced you to our friend Jett Holden. The multi talented singer songwriter has a particular knack for taking any song you can think of and giving it a rockin’, moody, outlaw country twist. We challenged him with the most unlikely thing we could think of, The Spice Girls (because who doesn’t love the spice girls), and he came back with this.

Is there anything this man can’t do? We don’t think so.

Introducing Jett Holden

Jett Holden makes a living at a call center in Elizabethton, Tennessee. When he’s not there, he’s at home singing tunes with a voice that will knock you completely off your feet.


Holden grew up in a musical family of singers and players of various instruments from drums to brass.


“I took to guitar after falling in love with songs by Tracy Chapman and Garth Brooks, like Fast Car and Thunder Rolls,” Holden says.


You can hear those influences, as well as his own unique approach, in his music. Combined with his unprecedented talent, what you get from Holden is a sound that, we think, will land him among legends.

"Toxic" - Britney Spears

"Hey Ya" - Outkast

"The Great Divide" - Luke Combs, Billy Strings

"The Joke" - Brandi Carlile

As if that voice was not enough; Holden is also a phenomenal songwriter. “Taxidermy” is a chilling response to the frustration and helplessness he feels in the face of the police brutality that is killing so many Black Americans.


“It gets treated like a trend on social media a lot, but little change is actually made,” says Holden. He is currently working on a second verse to the song and we look forward to sharing when it’s complete.

"Taxidermy - Jett Holden