Julie Williams

Julie Williams moved from Tampa, FL to Nashville to defy the odds and become part of the country scene that other Black women like Rissi Palmer, Mickey Guyton, and Brittney Spencer are cultivating.


A southern belle with a sweet voice, Williams is poised for a breakthrough career. She released a single called  “Southern Curls” and it’s music video in the first quarter of 2021 and things are going nowhere but up from here!

KY Gentlemen

Twin brothers Derek and Brandon Campbell serve up a healthy serving of country wrapped in a whole lot of soul as Kentucky Gentlemen.


“Their latest video for “VIBIN” is a slice of breezy, relaxing life hanging out with an airstream trailer,” says Marcus K. Dowling for CMT.+


Derek and Brandon decided to move to Nashville to pursue their dreams after leaving college and have been making music together ever since. The music video for their latest release, “Vibin” premiered on CMT this year (2021.)

New music from Brei Carter

Brei Carter has released a music video for her new song “Here’s to Nowhere.”  It’s one part party, one part hometown anthem, and ALL the way country. This girl is goin’ places!

Learn more about Brei Carter.

Big Joe Walker

Texas native Big Joe Walker is known for hitting the stage and bringing down the house. His sound is as strong as his stage presence and he weaves many different influences into his music, including country, rock, gospel, and disco.


Big Joe Walker has released one EP, “I Am Big Joe Walker” , and one full length album, “True Story”. Currently, Walker can be found performing in venues across Texas.

Tae Lewis

Tae Lewis is a singer songwriter from North Carolina. Raised in his grandfather’s church he grew to love music and that experience heavily influences his music today.


Lewis says that he “never wants to stray away from his background”. He released his first EP, “The Introduction…” in 2020. The same year, he released popular single “Good Luvin”. His most recent single “Good Friend Jack” was released in April of 2020.

Camille Parker

A student of Charlie Pride, The Pointer Sisters, and Linda Martell; Durham native, Camille Parker, is part of the influx of Black women embarking on careers in country music.

Parker recently released her first single, “The Flame”, which quickly garnered over 500,000 streams on Apple Music. She was named to Color Me Country’s Class of 2021 Artists, one of the first 5 to ever achieve the honor.

Stephanie Jacques

Stephanie Jacques is more than just a singer-songwriter; she is a story teller. She has also taken on the role of a social activist, advocating for diversity in country music.


Jacques has released 3 singles, “Fly”, “Rock You”, and her latest “Favorite Part” released on April 30th, 2021. 


Jacques is the co president of the Nashville Action Committee and the creator of “Jaqcues Talk” where she hosts “conversations for elevation.”

Introducing Jett Holden

Jett Holden makes a living at a call center in Elizabethton, Tennessee. When he’s not there, he’s at home singing tunes with a voice that will knock you completely off your feet.


Holden grew up in a musical family of singers and players of various instruments from drums to brass.


“I took to guitar after falling in love with songs by Tracy Chapman and Garth Brooks, like Fast Car and Thunder Rolls,” Holden says.


You can hear those influences, as well as his own unique approach, in his music. Combined with his unprecedented talent, what you get from Holden is a sound that, we think, will land him among legends.

"Toxic" - Britney Spears

"Hey Ya" - Outkast

"The Great Divide" - Luke Combs, Billy Strings

"The Joke" - Brandi Carlile

As if that voice was not enough; Holden is also a phenomenal songwriter. “Taxidermy” is a chilling response to the frustration and helplessness he feels in the face of the police brutality that is killing so many Black Americans.


“It gets treated like a trend on social media a lot, but little change is actually made,” says Holden. He is currently working on a second verse to the song and we look forward to sharing when it’s complete.

"Taxidermy - Jett Holden

Valerie June

Valerie June is a singer-songwriter from Humboldt, Tennessee who the New York Times described as having a “time-warped charm”.


Since 2007, June has released two EPs and five full length albums. The latest of which, “The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions for Dreamers”, released in 2021 to critical acclaim.


June has performed all over the country; melting and mending hearts with her magical sound. In addition to her musical success, June has just released her first book, “Maps for the Modern World”.

“Ok, Here’s The Truth” About Javier Colon

About 10 years ago I had the pleasure of representing my university at the NACA conventions. The NACA conference is like the Super Bowl for university campus activities counsels.


That year, it was held at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, which, let’s be honest is an experience in itself. There were entire conference rooms filled with photo booths and snack machines, magicians and monkeys (yes, real monkeys). Ruthie from MTV’s “The Real World” was there on the public speaking circuit, as was one of the actors from “Saved by the Bell”.  Zac Brown Band got the whole crowd on their feet with a performance of their hit “Chicken Fried”. 


Everyone who’s got an act and wants to perform at universities across the country comes to this conference and “auditions” for the university students who are lucky enough to attend and help plan the student activities that they will bring to their school for the upcoming year.


Each day there were scheduled musical acts. Some we knew and some we didn’t but my friends and I made sure to be there for the musical acts we recognized. That’s how we saw Javier Colon; the one performance that sticks with me to this day. I was very familiar with his hit single “Crazy” and was looking forward to seeing what he was up to. What he ended up performing was nothing I ever would’ve expected.


Instead of the smooth R&B track I was prepared for, Javier performed a ballad that stilled the buzz of the entire room and brought most of us to tears. A song, a COUNTRY song, titled “Ok Here’s The Truth”. 


I’ve been waiting and hoping all this time that there would be a full country album to follow. No luck yet, but in the meantime check out the song below. 

Javier Colon - "Ok, Here's The Truth"

Javier Colon - "Ok, Here's The Truth" with Commentary