Two Black Opry Artists Featured On Queer Country Quarterly

Black Opry At Summer Queer Country Quarterly

For the past 10 years, Karen Pittleman of Karen & The Sorrows has been throwing quarterly shows featuring queer, country artists. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the shows have gone virtual, but lost none of the value. In fact, there is a sense of intimacy within them that can not be captured in a live show.

For the latest Queer Country Quarterly, two artists we’ve previously featured or profiled were included. Ganessa James and Jett Holden

Ganessa James shared her gift of healing through music with the audience, sharing hopeful songs about love which she explained can be about romantic love, platonic love, or any love at all.

Jett Holden showed off his powerful voice and expert songwriting, sharing his debut single “Taxidermy,” as well as two new songs “Necromancer” and “Allison’s Song.”


The show also featured Mo(u)rning People, a brand new supergroup from Lara Americo, Apollo Flowerchild and Steph Durwin, that captured the audience with their fun country-pop melodies.