Millie Jackson Goes Black Bitch Crazy

Black Bitch Crazy

We keep having to repeat over and over again, “yes Black folks DO like country music.” There are much more fun ways to get the message across, though, for example Millie Jackson’s interpretation of Tyler Farr’s hit single “Redneck Crazy.” 


Jackson takes Farr’s dirt road style country heart break anthem and infuses it with soul. It’s got the same bite, but from a different perspective. It’s a perfect example of the very cool art we can get when cultures collide. 

Jackson is a successful R&B artist with too many hits under her belt to count, who has been active in the industry since 1972. In 1980 Jackson released a country album, Just a Li’l Bit Country.


“Black Bitch Crazy” is featured on her 2014 release On The Country Soul Side, where she offers 17 country soul collaborations including covers of The Chicks and Charlie Walker.


Millie Jackson is what Black Opry is all about.