Wake Up Kids, We Got The Dreamer’s Disease

This is an open letter to you, the reason why Black Opry exists. You are doing your best to exist in a space where you’re being told you shouldn’t. You’re makin or lovin or writin about music that’s country or something close to it and you’re still trying to figure out how to fit.


“First we run and then we laugh til’ we cry.”


There is so much work to be done. Every room in this Home needs building, every outside needs sprucing up, every place we visit needs redecorating. But we are doing the work. So many people are coming together and we are off to a hell of a start. There’ll be quite a long time until we can say we’re done, but one day soon we’ll be able to rest. We’ll get the chance to come together in love and enjoy how far we’ve come.


“When the night is falling, you can’t find the light. You feel your dreams are dying, hold tight. You got the music in you.”


Keep going, we’re right by your side, dreaming with you. Here’s a place you can call home and a community to keep you lifted.  Whatever drew you to the music still lives within you and we are here to help you keep that alive. All around us dreams are realizing, love is growing, magic is happening.


“One dance left, this world is gonna pull through.”

Images via Brittney Spencer, Twitter

Last week we saw Brittney Spencer make her Opry debut. What better fuel could we need to keep going? This was such a huge win for Brittney and for anybody that is watching and wondering if this world will give them the space they deserve. 


“Don’t give up, you’ve got the music in you.”