“Ok, Here’s The Truth” About Javier Colon

About 10 years ago I had the pleasure of representing my university at the NACA conventions. The NACA conference is like the Super Bowl for university campus activities counsels.


That year, it was held at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, which, let’s be honest is an experience in itself. There were entire conference rooms filled with photo booths and snack machines, magicians and monkeys (yes, real monkeys). Ruthie from MTV’s “The Real World” was there on the public speaking circuit, as was one of the actors from “Saved by the Bell”.  Zac Brown Band got the whole crowd on their feet with a performance of their hit “Chicken Fried”. 


Everyone who’s got an act and wants to perform at universities across the country comes to this conference and “auditions” for the university students who are lucky enough to attend and help plan the student activities that they will bring to their school for the upcoming year.


Each day there were scheduled musical acts. Some we knew and some we didn’t but my friends and I made sure to be there for the musical acts we recognized. That’s how we saw Javier Colon; the one performance that sticks with me to this day. I was very familiar with his hit single “Crazy” and was looking forward to seeing what he was up to. What he ended up performing was nothing I ever would’ve expected.


Instead of the smooth R&B track I was prepared for, Javier performed a ballad that stilled the buzz of the entire room and brought most of us to tears. A song, a COUNTRY song, titled “Ok Here’s The Truth”. 


I’ve been waiting and hoping all this time that there would be a full country album to follow. No luck yet, but in the meantime check out the song below. 

Javier Colon - "Ok, Here's The Truth"

Javier Colon - "Ok, Here's The Truth" with Commentary