A Prayer and a Melody From Miko Marks

This powerful live performance from Miko Marks will move you to tears. On April 20th Derek Chauvin was convicted of the murder of George Floyd. At first glance it may appear to be justice, but as the jury was deliberating, Makhia Bryant was shot to death by Columbus police officers. There will be no justice until it ends.


The hearts of black people across this nation have been heavy for far too long, our spirits weary. That so many are still fighting for change is a testament to our resilience, although we should not have to be. It is a reminder of why we are doing everything we can to push forward the Black artists we celebrate here at Black Opry. We are under no illusion that this work will have any bearing on the much larger systematic inequality and inequity that Black Americans face, but what we do know is that Black artists deserve the space to heal and be healed by music. The overwhelming weight of racism in this country can feel hopeless, but there are people, like Marks, showing up however they can, sharing their gifts to provide moments of peace and solace.


“Mercy” is a song featured on Miko Marks’ latest album, Our Country. She describes it as a “prayer for protection and the fight for freedom.” It is a reminder within the everlasting storm of burdens and tragedy placed upon our shoulders, to hope that better days may be ahead.

"Mercy" Lyrics

Mercy, lord

For the children

Send the angels

To keep them safe


Mercy, lord

For the mothers

Crying, crying

On the graves


Power lord, for the people

To raise up a nation

We’re on our way


Power, lord

To move every mountain

We’re fightin, fightin

For better days


Give us strength

Strength for the battle

Guide and protect us

As we overcome


And in our dark hours

When hope has been shattered

Let us remember

that we shine like the sun


Thank you, lord

Lord for the victory

May those who stand against us

Fall to their knees


Thank you,lord

For the spirit

To rise up, rise up

And set ourselves free


I can feel it moving

Moving, right now

I can feel it moving

Moving, right now


Can’t you feel it

The spirit is moving right now

I can feel it

The spirit is moving right now


Can you feel it

Spirit move,

Spirit move right now

Spirit moving right now


All over me

Right now