Rissi Palmer is Planting Seeds

On April 13th, Kamara Thomas of Country Soul Songbook hosted the Country Soul Songbook Spring Almanac 2021.


The live stream conversation included industry trailblazers Kym Register, Rissi Palmer, Lilli Lewis, Karen Pittelman, Jada Watson, Kelly McCartney and Marcus K. Dowling. The two-hour conversation was a journey through the efforts all involved are putting forth to create meaningful change in country music. As Marcus K. Dowling stated “from the top to the bottom”. 


Of particular interest was a sneak preview of a program Rissi Palmer plans to announce, titled “Seeds”.


“It’s about taking the information straight to the artist. Rather than everyone wondering all these mystical, mythical things about the music business, it’s like, ok, this is how you get a cut. This is how you reach out to a publisher. This is how you demo a song… If you don’t have an attorney, these are the things to look for in a contract.”

Rissi describes the structure of the program as a monthly Zoom meeting broadcast where she will bring in industry professionals to help distribute information that is normally learned through experience, directly to artists.

In an industry where Black and other marginalized artists are most often left out, this type of education is particularly important. Efforts like this that empower artists to circumvent some of the more traditional paths to success by using their knowledge to gain traction on their own, wield the power to completely shake up the industry.


No word yet on when the program will officially launch. In the meantime, you can support Palmer’s mission by donating to her Color Me Country™ Artist Grant Fund. Funds go directly into the pockets of artists of color, providing them the opportunity to do what they love: make music.

When they bury our dreams, we push them up through concrete. We're growin' where they can't see. These roots run deep, because we are seeds.