Do You Know Hank Stephens?

Do You Know Hank Stephens?

Every now and then you come across an artist and you think “There is no way this person is not famous”.


It’s a magical feeling like you’ve struck gold by way of a voice and a melody. That was how I felt the moment I stumbled across Hank Stephens. An intimate set up, just a man and an instrument in his car, but enough talent to completely blow you away.


He covers everything from Merle Haggard to Luke Combs, country classics and newer hits. He plays the guitar as if it’s an extension of his body and has a voice that could stand up to any of your favorites.


After about 4 videos, I was determined to learn more about the legend in the making that is Hank Stephens. The problem is, though he consistently posts videos, that’s all he posts. His about page simply reads “I like music, especially Country Music.”


No email address. No website. No way to get in touch. After going through the comments on some of his videos it appears that he sometimes responds, so we left him one.


We hope to hear back from him but in the meantime… do you know Hank Stephens? If you do, tell him to get in touch! If you don’t, after watching some of his videos, you’ll definitely want to.